About us

Founded in 2012 myDigitalBubble combines the skills and expertise of IT consultant Jamie Gardiner-Hill and home entertainment specialist Duncan Maclay. Together we are dedicated to finding and executing the best and most cost-effective answer to any technological question for both residential and commercial situations.

In just a few short years, technology has become a key part not only of people’s business lives but their personal lives as well. At myDigitalBubble, we understand the overlap between these two environments and simplifying this divide is at the core of our existence.

Our experience in delivering critical services to business now has enormous relevance to home installations. The rise of smartphones, tablets and digital media has been incredibly rapid. We understand that your digital photos may be just as precious and important as the company’s financial results statement and we will work with you to protect these assets and make them available to you in a simple and efficient way.

We will also work with your architects and builders to ensure that your personal IT is integrated invisibly into your home. And when the job is done, we don’t just walk way – we provide on-going maintenance and keep you up to date with the latest technology so that you can relax in the knowledge that we have got your interests covered.

Crucially though, we understand that technology can be baffling and frustrating. We undertake to present all that we do to you in a simple understandable fashion and to support you every step of the way to minimise and eliminate difficulties.

Your digital life. My digital bubble.